‼️Migration app troubleshooting

We've had some sniper's have some issues with the migration app, please see below.

First - ensure your wallet is in the snapshot here to be eligible for migration.

The app shows "Your address is not in the snapshot, or you have already migrated"

This is a visual bug which occurs after authorising spending, refresh the page and the button should appear to complete migration

I have refreshed the page but migration button doesn't appear

We recommend that users attempt the following:

  1. Use a desktop (not mobile) - with only one wallet provider (meta mask, trust, etc) enabled in browser plugin settings

  2. Clear site cache/cookies. Restart PC, open wallet, reject/cancel any pending requests for spending authorisation. Refresh migration page. Use migration app as described in point 1.

  3. Disconnect dapp from wallet (instructions on meta mask), revoke any authorised spends from your wallet via https://revoke.cash/ and follow the steps in point 2

Nothing is working!

We believe there are some issues with the base RPC node currently. Changing the RPC node to another public api should be a solution.

In meta mask, open settings, network, and change the RPC endpoint to another public node, in the example below i've used blastapi's node - https://base-mainnet.public.blastapi.io

If this fails to work please post in our support channel on telegram linked here. With your wallet address, wallet provider (i.e., MM, Trust) and browser being used.

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