🗺️ Roadmap

How friendsniper development is planned

Planned development of friendsniper

Telegram bot development

  • Check if users are already registered with FriendTech when setting up a snipe
  • More filtering options for Autosnipe
  • Pagination for active/sold snipes
  • Live charts within Telegram
  • Copy trading integration
  • Normal buying/selling of keys
  • Limit sell orders for snipes (stop loss, and take profit)
    • Add stop limit orders, limit buy orders
  • Advanced heuristics to evaluate engagement levels of new FriendTech users
  • Bulk import watchlist
  • Multiple config settings at once
  • Front end dApp for the sniping bot, integrate potentially with existing charting site
    • Portfolio management
    • PnL history
    • Rev share dashboard

$FSNIPE development projects

  • Implement rev share calculations
  • Dune dashboard
    • Current bot users
    • Funds held by friendsnipe users
    • Revenue share calculations (fees + tax rev)
  • Rev share back end automation


  • Improve resources to allow easier user led troubleshooting in to failed snipes
    • Video likely the best approach here
  • Generally make the website look less awful
  • Referral scheme for new users