At the very bottom of the Main Menu with lightning bolts on each side, our fastest feature is currently iΜΆnΜΆ ΜΆbΜΆeΜΆtΜΆaΜΆ LIVE and limited to those that have 50,000 $FSNIPE. Intended for advanced users, the tool sends a minimum of 60 transactions, requiring $6 to activate. Other sniping functionalities may be limited during this time. The tool attempts to buy keys in the same block as the first one, or multiple of them, are purchased, and you have the opportunity to set how much you're willing to pay, for each key, in-advance. Setup sniping for registered users and automated functionality of Intelli-Snipe is reserved for those that carry over 100,000 $FSNIPE, as the Intelli-Snipe tool delivers diminishing returns, the more users it has. By making access exclusive to those most passionate about having a key at a price that no one else can buy it, this ensures the satisfaction of our supportive clients.

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