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Auto-Sniping config options

If your eyes are going to be pulled away from the screen for any reason, and you don't want to get caught out by a new big influencer or personality that just joined the space, FrenSniper has you covered. Simply select 'Auto-Sniper' and set your parameters according to what you see here.
Enabled=false (True enabled, false disabled)
FollowerThreshold=5000 (Minimum *followers*)
MaxFollowing=0 (Maximum *following*)
TweetThreshold=250 (Minimum number of Tweets)
LikedTweets=50 (Minimum number of liked Tweets)
MaxSupply=5 (Do not buy if supply is above this)
BuyTerms=OnlyFans, OF (Buy if terms appear)
BlacklistTerms=XRP, BTC (Do not buy)
MinAgeThreshold=1y (Min age format: 2y6m3d)
MinBalance=0 (Users min balance in ETH)
MatchMode=all (Must be 'all', 'any', or 'terms')
KeysDesired=1 (How many key(s) to snipe)
OverpayMultiplier=1 (OVERPAY by 1.2, 2 etc)
Gwei=0 (Gas to spend)
Retry=false (Retry up to 3 times)
MaxSpend=0 (Do not snipe if price > this (ETH))
This will familiarize you with all the different settings currently available for your own custom search-and-retrieve. If you want to buy specific terms, place the keywords you are looking for into 'BuyTerms', separating by a comma for each word or acronym that you're looking for. and for any that you want to avoid, you can do the same under 'BlacklistTerms'. Setting your MatchMode to all will make it so the new profile must meet every criteria piece of criteria above TRANSACTION. Setting it to any means that any single one of the criteria triggered above TRANSACTION gets an attempted purchase. Terms means that the bot will ONLY look for the words in the name, bio, or description of the twitter account in BuyTerms or BlacklistTerms.
It's important to note that the OverpayMultiplier increases your chances of a successful autosnipe, but costs more. It's common for many snipers to chase the best deal on the best profile, and if you aren't willing to 'overpay', the term for sending more money than is needed to complete the transaction, ensuring you get a key, you might not be able to get one. The higher the multiplier, the more ETH the bot sends above how much is required to perform the transaction, increasing your chances for success, and how much you paid for the key. Pros and cons to both for the time being, feel free to pick the amount that serves you best!
The amount of gas (gwei) that you choose to spend will determine where you are positioned within your block when you purchase your key, it will not result in a faster transaction speed. As a sample of what to expect from gwei when converting it to transaction pricing, 100 gwei is roughly equal to $15 at an ETH price of $1,600. Keep this in-mind when choosing how aggressive you would like to be for your keys!
At the moment, FrenSniper can only 'retry' a transaction up to three times, and you can set the parameters of the bot not to purchase a key if it becomes too expensive, a fantastic option for when you've decided it's become too late for your chance to earn off of a new profile.