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Filtering notifications is easy as well, they can be enabled or disabled under 'Notifications' and you can set parameters the exact same way as you can in the auto-sniping function under 'Filter Notifications'. Here's the list of commands that you can easily familiarize yourself with.
Enabled=false (True enabled, false disabled)
FollowerThreshold=10000 (Minimum *followers*)
MaxFollowing=0 (Maximum *following*)
TweetThreshold=250 (Minimum number of Tweets)
LikedTweets=50 (Minimum number of liked Tweets)
MaxSupply=2 (Do not buy if supply is above this)
MinBalance=0 (Do not buy if supply is above this)
BuyTerms=OnlyFans, OF (Buy if terms appear)
BlacklistTerms=XRP, BTC (Do not buy)
MinAgeThreshold=1y (Min age format: 2y6m3d)
MatchMode=all (Must be 'all', 'any', or 'terms')