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Tokenomics / Revenue share

How do FrenSnipe tokenomics work?

No presale, no stealth launch, no bullshit.

All tokens were added to the liquidity pool upon launch.
10 Million
Buy/Sell tax:
5% / 5%
Team allocation:

Where to buy?

You can use Uniswap to purchase our token.
Warning - Do NOT buy from the Base chain liquidity pool.

Revenue sharing

Token holders with more than 2500 tokens benefit from the following revenue streams:
  • 50% of fees taken from the bot
  • 1.25% of volume traded (i.e., 25% of tax revenue)
Revenue sharing is paid out in Ethereum on the ETH chain.

Eligibility requirements for revenue sharing

To be eligible to receive revenue for holding the token, wallets to be considered must hold a minimum of 2500 tokens at the point of calculation.
TL;DR: Hold 2500 tokens at the end of the revenue period for wallet to be included in calculations, and don't move your tokens to a different wallet.

Calculation breakdown

Using blockchain data, we will track the holding levels of eligible wallets at 6-hourly intervals through the tracking period. Wallets holding less than 2500 tokens in this period will not be receive revenue for that 6-hour window.
The tax/bot fees generated within that window is then distributed by token weighting to the respective wallets. This ensures holders are rewarded for holding long-term, and unable to buy/sell the token to take advantage of the snapshot time.


Mr DN has held 5000 tokens since launch and has not moved his tokens to another wallet. At the end of the revenue period he has more than 2500 tokens, and is eligible for rev share for all periods since purchasing them.
Mr Bogadee bought 20k tokens. After a few days he moves all of his tokens from wallet A to wallet B. At the end of the revenue period, wallet A holds 0 tokens, and wallet B holds 20k tokens. Wallet A does not meet the criteria for rev share so is not included in the calculations. Mr B will only receive revenue share for the periods held in wallet B.
If Mr Bogadee wanted to have his time holding the tokens in Wallet A included in the calculation, he could transfer 2500 tokens to Wallet A, before the end of the revenue period, and claim 100% of potential revenue.

Open source revenue sharing

In the interest of transparency, the code we use to calculate revenue sharing is found in out GitHub repo here.