Introducing friendsniper and $FSNIPE

TL;DR: Rapid telegram bot for sniping new friend.tech sign ups

What is friendsniper?

friendsniper is a telegram bot that lets users trade friend.tech keys, with more precision and granular control. Our bot enables you to front run other buyers, set take profit and stop loss orders, and snipe newly registering users.
friend.tech is a rapidly growing social media platform that enables content creators to sell "keys" to users to access an exclusive chat with the creator. The platform has huge potential and is already reaching more mainstream users. If you're not sold on the idea of friend.tech, consider this scenario:


If I told you that you could buy a lifetime OnlyFans account from an adult content creator with 500k X.com followers for $10, which you could then sell later to someone for whatever they would pay, would you take that offer?
Of course you would.
A lifetime subscription is worth more than $10; people just need to know how and where to buy it.

That is the utility of friendsniper.

Being able to selectively front-run keys on registration is a lucrative opportunity. With friendsniper, you can create a personalised watchlist of account names to monitor and snipe on registration, create a unique filter to snipe any accounts that meet your criteria (including keyword matching), or be notified as users sign up to manually pick and choose.
Remember, the goal of friendsniper is to front-run these keys before the wider fan base becomes aware of their existence.


friendsniper or $FSNIPE is on the ETH chain. Holders receive 50% of bot fee revenue, and 1.25% of token traded volume. Depending on your amount held, you receive a substantial fee discount when trading using friendsniper.